Leschenault Sporting Association
Date of Event : Fri May 4, 2018 8:30AM

Member of the LCC 

The LSA is the body formed to manage the new pavilion at the Leschenault Recreation Park and was founded by Australind Junior Soccer Club, HBLFC, Leschenault Crabs Football Club and the LCC. Since formation the Australind Soccer Club and South West Dolphins Swim Club have joined the founding clubs to be the current Associated Organisations of the LSA. 

The LSA's Ambition is to be the sporting, social and cultural hub of Australind and surrounding areas. 

The LSA's Purpose is to engage in collaborative and sustainable management of the Leschenault Recreation Park Pavilion so that it: 
- is accessible and open to all 
- is safe and welcoming for families 
- is a venue of choice for activities 
- enhances the financial position of its associated organisations 

To use the facilities managed (the pavilion building) by the LSA a person must be a member of the LSA. This is a separate membership to that of the Associated Organisation. As per the membership fee schedule on the attached application form the most cost effective LSA membership occurs if an individual or family is a member of one of the Associated Organisations. The LSA membership year is a financial year

As either a Life Member, Social Member, player or parent/guardian of an under 18 player (at the beginning of last cricket season) you are a member of the LCC. This applies for the various formats - in2CRICKET, T20 Blast, Juniors and Seniors. 

Thus an LCC family can apply for an LSA family membership at a cost of $25 while an individual can apply for an Association membership at a cost of $15. 

Please note payment must accompany your application for membership. Payment can be made in cash during opening hours at the LSA. You can also mail your application along with a cheque to the postal address at the top of the application form

All applications go to the Board of the LSA for consideration of acceptance. 

Please note the requirement that membership applications are signed by a proposer and seconder, both of whom must be LSA members. Myself or Gary Quinn are LSA members and can act as proposer/seconder for your application.

Angelo D'Agostino

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